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Championship Playbook

The Party

This is a NO EDIT Version of my REAL Party!


#1 Learn your booking scripts

#2 Memorize your objections with the flash cards

#3 Use Julie’s booking box as a way to organize who you want to call so you don’t forget when to follow up with them

Overcoming Objections

Booking Objections Flash Cards

Booking Like a Lowe Girl


Power 10 Tracking


A party worth booking is worth coaching.  Here is your party tracker!

Coaching Checklist

How to Hold  a Group Interview with the Sharing Sheet

How to Use the Sharing Sheet, Layering Chart, & Recruiting Packet

NSD Holli’s Party Videos

Phone Facials

Booking Script: 

Hey girl! I’m in a challenge to treat 20 women to a pampering sesh with me by the end of the week! I would love for you to be one of my 20! Is there any reason why we couldn’t pick a 20-30 minute time frame that works for you and I mail you some samples?