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Meet Holli

Holli Lowe began her Mary Kay business at the ripe age of 20! She was a college student at Clemson University and earning her degree in Elementary Education when she said yes to adding another thing to her already busy schedule.

She debuted as an Independent Sales Director in 2002 and earned her first company car as a Junior in college. Holli enjoyed working her business part-time while she graduated with high honors and began her teaching career.

Holli has earned a total of 8 free cars and over 23 carats of diamonds, topaz and sapphires in her business, and has traveled the world. Holli has enjoyed 5 star accommodations in Maui, Hawaii, cruised the Mediterranean to Greece & Turkey, climbed the Great Wall of China, saw the Queen’s Jewels in London England, enjoyed the Tango capital
of the world in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Holli’s highest income for one month not including her diamonds, prizes, cars or trips is over $24,000 for one month.

Holli’s favorite memory is retiring her husband from his management position 11 years ago. Holli & Matt have been married for 13 years and have a 9 year old son Tobie and a 3 year old Gunner Lowe. 

She is a person who believes God has already given you everything you need to be successful inside yourself. Just dream BIGGER and expect success. Holli battled with self-worth and feelings of not measuring up until she earned her first Pink Cadillac and 5 years later — debuted, at that time, as the youngest National Sales Director worldwide at 29 years old.

She gives credit to this company for offering her flexibility, freedom, morals, values, Christian Principles, abundant thinking, financial freedom and the chance to TRULY live the American Dream.

Please welcome Independent National Sales Director, Holli Lowe

Holli's official call from the Company letting her know she was a new NSD!
Holli’s official call from the Company letting her know she was a new NSD!