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New Consultants-TPS


Following this checklist can help set you up for success right away.

1. Announce Your Mary Kay Business on Social Media!

It’s a great way to let your social media circle know that you are  officially ready to do business!

You can use this sign in your photo!
You can use this sign in your photo!

2. Plan to Start your Mary Kay Business Strong with the Great Start Program

The Great Start Program was developed to help you start selling Mary Kay® products to your customers right away.
Simply download the FREE Mary Kay Great Start® App from the App Store or Google Play. This app is designed specifically for you, new
Independent Beauty Consultants, to help maximize Great Start Program rewards, provide access to Great Start brochures, personalized
tracking reports and Grand Opening invitations and checklists. The app helps simplify the experience of starting your Mary Kay business
and delivers content to help start a successful journey!

Contact your Independent Sales Director or team-builder to discuss your goals and to evaluate how much product you might need to begin to service your customers.

3. Sign into your Mary Kay InTouch Account

Mary Kay InTouch® is your backstage pass to everything Mary Kay with education, information, videos and so much more. Plus, it’s

where you can order everything from the products you’ll sell to the resources you’ll use to help you run your business.

4. Setup your Mary Kay Personal Website

Give your customers access to shop with you 24/7! You could bolster your business with a

professionally branded website that Mary Kay updates for you!

5. Setup your ProPay Account

A ProPay® account with ProPay® payment services allows you to securely process your customers’ credit card and debit card payments immediately! It’s also needed to process credit cards and accept orders on your Mary Kay® Personal Web Site.

6. Start Learning

  • Read your Start Something Beautiful® magazine. A digital copy is available on Mary Kay Intouch or download the mobile version from the Mary Kay® Digital Showcase App.
  • Complete Mary Kay University
  • Complete Skin Care Confident and Color Confident online education programs.
  • Read Mary Kay Ash’s autobiography Miracles Happen
  • Learn more from our iconic Founder, Mary Kay Ash, by downloading the free Mary Kay® Mobile Learning App

7. Prepare for your Virtual & In-Person Parties

  • Review the How to Virtual Party Guide to learn how you can start setting up your virtual skin care parties.
  • Watch the party tips and ideas videos.
  • Read the Skin Care Party Flip Charts out loud to learn how to present the amazing Mary Kay® products virtually and in person!  Download the mobile versions from the Mary Kay® Digital Showcase App
  • Review suggested dialogues from: Start Something Beautiful® magazine, Skin Care Party Flip Chart, & How to Virtual Party Guide.

8. Start Selling

Selling products to a growing customer base is the foundation of a Mary Kay business and is how Independent Beauty Consultants can
earn a profit. With the Earned Discount Privilege, you can earn up to 50 percent on everything you sell.

  • Watch the party tips and ideas videos.
  • How to get a 50% discount: When you order a minimum of $225 in wholesale Section 1 products, you are eligible to earn
    a 50% discount on your entire Section 1 order and qualify for the Earned Discount Privilege. With the Earned Discount
    Privilege, you can receive a 50% discount on any subsequent orders you place, regardless of size, through the end of two
    months after your order month.

Example: If you place a minimum $225 wholesale Section 1 order on Jan. 16, 2021, your Earned Discount Privilege will apply until March 31, 2021. You are eligible for the Earned Discount Privilege as long as you maintain active status.


An Independent Beauty Consultant is considered active in the month a minimum $225 wholesale Section 1 product order is received and accepted by the Company and in the following two calendar months.

  • Make your contact list of family, friends and social media friends to start inviting them to your parties.
  • Hold your Great Start Grand Opening, either virtually or in person, with your family and friends to start selling and to gain referrals for even more prospective customers and future parties.
  • Book 30 faces in 30 days (virtual and in person) for a Power Start! A Power Start can help create momentum to sell products
    right away and give your business an initial boost. Read about how to Power Start your Mary Kay business in your Start
    Something Beautiful® magazine.

9. How to Become Social Media Savvy

Whether you are new to social media or you’re already a social media superstar, you have all the information and resources you need at your fingertips.

10. Start Sharing

If, in addition to selling Mary Kay® products, you would like to share the Mary Kay opportunity with others, consider sharing with your

friends, family and customers how much fun a Mary Kay business can be. Here’s how you can bring your friends in and share the fun:

  • Develop your team by sharing the Bring Your Besties Starter Kit Discount with your friends.
    When you become a new Independent Beauty Consultant from March 1, 2019, through Dec. 31, 2021, your first three newpersonal team members who become Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants during your Great Start time frame* can receive a $25 discount toward the purchase of their own Starter Kit.
  • You can also earn a $50 Team-Building Cash Bonus for each new personal team member who becomes Great Start qualified in her first four months of business, as well as free product bonus bundles.
RED Jacket Bonus

Download FREE Mary Kay Apps!

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